Zoë, born in 1991 and rehabilitating horses since 2007. Currently living in CA, working on a Rescue Ranch and also studying to become a Life coach/HSP coach in The Netherlands.

At the beginning of 2016 I was diagnosed with Medical Depression.

I experienced first-hand, the whole stigma about mental illnesses. And I didn’t understand it. Why can we openly talk to and about people with a ‘visible’ illness or injury, like asthma or a broken leg? Why is it that we shut people out when they are depressed, or bipolar or have anxiety?

I know what it feels like when people expect you to be ashamed of how you feel. To keep your thoughts and feelings for yourself. To never speak about what’s going on inside your head. And to feel the pressure of ‘becoming better’, to recover from something you may never even recover from. And if people think it’s taking you too long, they will leave you.

So why is that?

I decided to put a stop to this. I started writing down my journey, like a diary. After a year, when I finally experienced some progress in my life I even posted a part of it on my Facebook. And people understood! I felt this weight being lifted off of my shoulders. I believe this was the final step I had to make to head towards my full recovery.

And after sharing a part of my story, I decided to share my personal diary. Yes, it’s personal but if it helps people to understand what someone is going through and create and spread more awareness about mental illness and the stories about the diagnosis then I will happily share my journey with you (with a little bit of healthy sarcasm!).


If you’d like to share (a part of) jour story, feel free to contact me or just spread the word the way you feel comfortable with ♥


If you have any questions after reading (one of) my diary posts, please post them in the comment section or contact me so I can answer your questions 🙂


Love, Zoë



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