Depression Diary

The Depression Diary is something I started two years ago, when I was officially diagnosed with medical depression.

It first started as a personal diary, to write down my feelings since I almost completely stopped talking at that time. I couldn’t express my feelings the way I used to so my therapist recommended that I should start writing again. But this time to help cope with how I felt and what was in my mind.

It really got me through most part of my journey, but it still didn’t feel right that there was such a stigma about the whole mental illness issue. So when I finally started talking again I wanted to share and express my feelings, what I had been through. But the world and the people around me made it seem like it was not the appropriate thing to do. It was so confusing.

So I posted a part of my journey on Facebook, to let people know that depression, anxiety or any other mental illness is nothing to feel awkward about. It’s a chance to learn about the part you don’t know about, the whole story behind the diagnose of depression.

It did work, I noticed people were really interested in finding out more about mental illnesses. But there were still people who didn’t know how to react to it. How to talk to me. So they didn’t. Or I found out through friends and family that people were curious about my illness, what it was like to experience a panic attack or how I got diagnosed with medical depression.

There are still so many questions left unanswered, and this made me think about sharing my personal diary. Yes, it’s personal, but if it helps people to understand what somebody went through and create and spread some awareness about mental illness and the stories behind the diagnosis, then I will happily share my journey with you. You can find all the diary posts on the home page or by using the archive.

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If you have any questions after reading (one of) my diary posts, please post them below or contact me so I can answer them 🙂


Love, Zoë



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