Mental Health Month: Awareness will set you free

In my case, talking about mental illnesses and spreading the word was the one thing left that kept me from climbing and crawling out of my depression.

It really hurt me that people didn’t seem to know how to respond to someone who’s suffering from a mental illness. It hurt me even more to realize that even the people close to me seemed really awkward about it. Me, being awkward enough as it is already, started to just open up on Social Media. Why? Because on Social Media, you can post and say whatever you want and the people that will find it interesting will respond and/or benefit from it. Dropping a bomb like depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc. is much more difficult to do in person. They can walk away, get angry or upset, and they might have all the right reasons to do so. But still, it can hurt.

So hiding behind your computerscreen might not be that bad after all. It got me to open up, spread awareness and receive great, loving feedback from even strangers. Not just to help me cope, but also to thank me for doing this, because they never knew what they know now.

Awareness = key ❤

-Love, Zoë

May = Mental Health Awareness Month

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