The Depression Diary: The road to recovery Pt.1


Fighting your way out of a clinical depression takes a long, miserable journey filled with mornings of doubt, days that take forever to pass and laying awake, night after night, afraid of closing your eyes and give in to the urge to sleep and finally find a way out of the haunting night terrors that push you to your limit. To that place where you learn just about how far you’ll bend before you break.

The irony is, surviving a depression is just the beginning. It’s not fairy tales and roses once you finally crawl out of that awful place. Sure, the first few days, maybe weeks may feel like you just won the war. You feel invincible, powerful and yes, happy.

But there’s a new war starting, waiting for me to come challenge life and it’s demons once again. This time I will fight, I will rise, fall flat on my face, cry, laugh, celebrate and curse life at the same time. Sometimes, nothing will even make sense. But that’s the thing. That’s your journey, your opportunity to learn and grow, until you reach that special place within you, where it all falls into place.

Remember, it’s not about winning every fight. It’s about picturing your goals and dreams,  creating that mental picture of your life, how you want to live it.

Because that’s how you’ll win the war, and every single one of them. Do this, and nothing will ever stand in your way again.


Love, Zoë

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