The most powerful truth I live by

We all know the stories about people on their death bed, revealing the things they regret most or wish they had or hadn’t done. I’ve always found it really scary, terrifying to be honest. To realise one day, I’m too old to do the things I really wanted to do. So at a very young age, I made myself a promise; to never not do something just because I’m scared to do it. 

To this day , I have absolutely no regrets. And every time I think to myself: ‘should I do this, or not?’ I always picture myself as an older woman, in a retirement home reflecting my life. What would she say? Would she be disappointed about all the things she didn’t do, or would she smile when she thinks about all the amazing things she did even when she wasn’t sure she could do it? 

Obviously, I always go for the second option. So that’s a little advice from me.

Read the article below about the top 50 things you’ll regret when you’re older:



Love, Zoë

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