The Depression Diary: The Start

This is what I posted on my personal Facebook page a few months ago


Before and after a panic attack.

First of all; If you think I’m doing this to get attention, then you’re right. I am. I am trying to get your attention to become more aware of the fact that probably a lot of people in your life are struggling with the same thing.

Anxiety, panic attacks and dealing with depression every day. And the worst part: the fact that you feel like you’re supposed to hide that from everyone. To pretend you’re doing fine, living the same lie for years and becoming more and more tired of faking a smile every damn day. Like you should be ashamed of what you feel, how you feel and what happened to you.

To see how people who’ve got a broken leg or got the flu get treated with empathy, a smile and understanding. And at the same time seeing how the same people treat those with a mental illness like me, like it’s our own fault, like there’s something wrong with us and we should be locked away somewhere, dying of shame.

Well I’m done with it , so this is me dealing with it. Just breaking the stigma. I’m done hiding. I don’t need any help, I’m getting all the help I need from friends & family 💖, but I can’t move on until this thing has no more power over me. I just need you, all of you, to understand that although you may not see it, I can have an off-day too. It may not be because of something you can see, but you can help me because of something you say or do. Just about anything is quite okay, talk to me, ask me stuff, make jokes.

Just no more silence, no more masks or you feeling embarrassed about the topic, because you don’t have to be. By the way, telling me to ‘try harder’ is not going to work. Would you say that to someone who’s in a wheelchair? Or tell someone with asthma to just ‘breath harder’? No? Then don’t say it to me either, same thing.

I just hope that you’ll be understanding when I choose not to show up somewhere. I find it hard to ‘people’ sometimes, so no hard feelings. Thank you for understanding.


#mentalillnessfeelslike #stopignorance

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