I was born in The Netherlands, where I had my own boarding stable for ten years. In 2017 I moved to California, where I started working at Wild at Heart Horse Rescue. I’m also studying Lifecoaching, HSP coaching, Integrated Energy Therapy, Horse Massaging, Natural Horsemanship, Wild horses, Pendulum Dowsing, Shamanism, Tarot Readings and other work that involves healing and/or horses. 

The healing work that I studied and working with horses helped me find my authentic self, and gave me the courage to pursue my dreams and stand for what I believe in. 

I write mostly to inspire, young and elderly, beginners and advanced, to experience the world through their horse’s eyes. I try not to use ‘Big Words’ in my blogs, so it’s easy to read for everyone 🙂

To learn more about my work, visit https://www.zoevanmourik.com/

Zoë | 1991: The Netherlands | 2017: California | Horsewoman | Lightworker |Mental Health Activist| HSP | Cruelty-free living | Melomaniac | Writer |Foster Mom of Animals ♥

With rescue horse JP
Zoë & rescue horse JP

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